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Rubber Gaskets

A rubber gasket is a type of rubber washer that is typically placed between two surfaces where there is a requirement to stop leakage of either liquid or air. Rubber gaskets are used extensively in the manufacturing of appliances and machinery, and many other industries.

There are many performance specifications that are important for rubber gaskets. Many different rubber materials can be used in the production of rubber gaskets to achieve the desired performance. Some of the common materials used are EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR, Silicone, and Viton. Different materials are better suited to different applications depending on factors such as temperature resistance, fluid resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance, and abrasion resistance. Thus, it is important to choose the correct material for rubber gaskets to suit your application. Our engineers are always available for any technical assistance you may require.

We manufacture rubber gaskets to any size and material specification. We specialize in manufacturing precision lathe cut rubber gaskets that require very close tolerance. We also manufacture adhesive backed rubber gaskets with a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) on one side.

We utilize several different methods to consistently produce the highest quality rubber gaskets for any application. Our methods include lathe cut rubber gaskets, die cut rubber gaskets and water jet cut rubber gaskets. Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. was founded in 1948 and has been a leading global supplier of rubber gaskets for over 60 years.

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Industries Served







Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


Materials Used

These are the most common material but we are not limited to them:

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) - Excellent weatherability, good high and low temperature resistance, low gas permeability. Resistant to ozone, steam, water, alcohols, brake fluids. Poor resistance to petroleum oils, diester lubricants. Temperature range: -60°F to 280°F.

Neoprene - Good general purpose elastomer, with moderate oil, ozone and water resistance. Resistant to freons, high aniline points oils, mild acids. Not recommended for phosphate esters, ketones, brake fluids. Temperature range: -65°F to 260°F.

Nitrile - Excellent resistance to petroleum products, excellent compression set; resistant to oil, water, silicone greases and oils. Not recommended for halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, ozone and sunlight. Temperature Range: -65°F to 275°F.

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) - General purpose elastomer, good adhesion to various substrates, good abrasion resistance, good resiliince. Resistant to brake fluids, alcohols, water. Not recommended for solvents, oil/gas, sunlight. Temperature range: -65°F to 225°F.

Silicone - Best overall temperature range of elastomers currently available. Excellent resistance to dry heat, as well as, resistance to low temperature, brake fluids, high aniline point oils. Not recommended for some dynamic applications due to poor tensile strength and tear. Poor in petroleum oils and ketones. Temperature range: -150° to 500°F.

Viton® - Outstanding resistance to the effects of heat, chemicals, and solvents. Viton® has good tensile, resistance and low compression set. Limitations include poor low-temperature properties, limited hot-water resistance and shrinkage. Temperature range: -50° to 600°F.

Equipment Used






Punch presses/Hydraulic presses


Water jet cutters


At Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. our quality objective is to provide our customers with quality service that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our highly trained and experienced production operators and strict quality control procedures enable us to consistently deliver defect-free products.

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